Your Professional Image and the Importance of Grooming: It’s All in the Details

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Man getting ready for a speacial dayMy blog focus for the month of July is to provide image management strategies, tools and tips to help you simplify your life and meet your personal and professional goals.  Let’s get savvy with our image!

Your Professional Image and the Importance of Grooming:  It’s All in the Details

If you do not take care of the important details that create your overall image – such as the way your dress, your grooming, your body language, including etiquette –  you may lose the ability to be in control of the message you want to convey to others and influence how you are perceived by them.

It only takes 5 seconds to form a first impression.  Your grooming habits, for example, speak volumes about you long before you even open your mouth to speak to someone.  A shabby and dowdy person may be perceived by others as careless, disorganized, uncaring and incompetent. A well-groomed person will appear to be more trusting, organized, caring and competent. How do you want to be perceived?

Before you leave for work or a business-related engagement each morning, stand in front of a full-length mirror and examine the overall picture you present and the details from your head to your toes.

As you do, consider these 10 grooming tips to ensure your image works for you on all occasions, and not against you:

1.  Take a shower every morning to ensure you smell clean; wear antiperspirant or deodorant to combat potential body odour.

2.  Brush your teeth and gargle with mouth wash.  Keep breath mints handy during the day – just in case.

3.  Blow dry your hair and ensure it is well-kempt; use hair gel or hairspray to hold hair in place.

4.  For women: in order to maintain a professional and appropriate image at work, keep your makeup application “classic.” The high fashion make-up trends should be reserved for evenings only. Choose makeup colours that repeat your attractive personal colouring – in your hair, eyes, lips and cheek colour.

5.  For men: in order to maintain a professional and appropriate image at work, focus on being clean-shaven.  Any facial hair you do have should be neatly trimmed and clean.

6.  Keep your nails clean, neatly cut and filed.  If you wear nail polish, make sure it is not chipped or an outlandish colour that will be distracting within a professional environment.

7.  Care for your clothing; make sure all pieces you wear are clean, do not have any stains, and are neatly pressed.

8.  Check your clothes for hanging threads or missing buttons; repair as needed.

9.  Keep your shoes clean and polished.

10.  Make sure your clothes fit you properly. There should be about one inch of “give” in any piece of clothing you wear. If you feel your clothing is too tight or too loose, and you feel uncomfortable – this is the message you will convey, which can work against you rather than for you in meeting your personal or professional goals.

In conclusion, make the necessary changes, add or replace accessories, and make sure your appearance and grooming are impeccable. This daily exercise will take just a few minutes, but the benefits are so worth it!

Interested in learning more about my personal/professional image management consultation services? Please contact me to learn how I can help you or for a complimentary half-hour consultation: or 613-321-5159.

Erin Crotty is a trained image management consultant and Affiliate of the Conselle Institute of Image Management.



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