Why Attending a Retreat is a Recipe for Success!

July 23, 2012  |     |   0 Comment

I just attended a two-day retreat for business leaders.  The title of the retreat was “Sit Happens – a Relaxation Retreat Designed for Very Busy People.”  It took place at a cottage resort that provided a wide selection of relaxation experiences to recharge and learn some new tools that we could take home and use anywhere – whether in meetings, during work, while on the phone or driving our car.

What tools did I take away?  I know I have to schedule regular “pause time” to reflect on issues or matters important to me and plan to take that one small action that will make the biggest difference each day. I know I have to be more clear on what are my “yes’s” and what are my “no’s” so that I don’t overextend myself; and I also know that I have to be better at “letting go” so that my ego cannot stand in my way.

Whether in business for yourself or working as an employee for a company or organization, the demands and expectations placed upon us are often varied and challenging.  How we choose to deal with them is up to us.  Attending a retreat is a great way to focus, put things into perspective, find balance, brainstorm with colleagues or meet new people who are like-minded, learn new skills from experts and presenters, and become inspired and motivated to grow professionally and personally.

I help organize, facilitate and present at retreats for clients.  It was a treat to attend one and to put my money where my mouth is for my own development and growth. For anyone seeking to move forward in their career or business, choosing to take the time to attend a retreat is an empowering step in the right direction helping to line your path toward greater success!


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