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The Impact of Positive People

April 26, 2013  |     |   0 Comment

Oprah QuoteI love this quote from Oprah Winfrey.  It is so true.  When we surround ourselves with people who love us, support us, and believe in us, we are lifted higher in order to live our true purpose and passion.

The type of people you surround yourself with has a powerful impact on your well-being. Think about the positive people in your life and how you feel when you are around them.  Does your level of enthusiasm increase? Does your self-confidence build? Do you feel better about yourself and what you are trying to accomplish? I’ll bet you answered “yes” to each of these questions.

Who inspires you the most? Who do you go to when you need a lift?  Who’s in your corner?  Equally important, are you the type of person who is kind, loving and positive?  Do you attract others so that they will want to be around you?  Do you lift others and are a positive influence in their lives?

I am grateful to have people in in all aspects of my life who build me up so I literally feel like I can walk on mountains!  In turn, I do my best every day to be a positive influence in the lives of others to ensure I give back as much as I receive. It is as important to lift as be lifted!

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