Sophie Ali, Business Professional

May 26, 2015  |     |   0 Comment

While I was a student at Carleton University, I had the pleasure of attending a few of Erin’s workshops, namely the dining etiquette session, the networking program and a breakfast tutorial.

She really cares about the students she helps, and she welcomes questions. She’s an excellent public speaker, I especially enjoyed the networking program – networking events are just so daunting, especially as a student trying to make connections with professionals. She taught me just how to handle myself, from the moment I walk in through the door at an event, to the delicate exchange of business cards. I just recently found out she does work with “Dress for Success” and I will definitely be keeping an eye out for her; every session I learn something new from her!

The thing about her work is that, not only does it help you come across as more professional and competent, it also helps with your confidence in these intimidating situations. Once you’ve mastered the proper way to be conducting yourself in these sometimes-overwhelming events, your confidence in these situations increases tenfold, which is where her help really pays off. When your confidence shines through, you can really focus on making those important connections you came to make. If you’re spending time worried about what others think of you, you’re missing out!

Her work is extremely helpful and very worthwhile for any business professional or student who is just not entirely sure on how they should be conducting themselves in any type of business professional situation.

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