Ross Alan Cowan, President, RAC Group of Companies

April 10, 2014  |     |   0 Comment

I participated in the Brand Power: Creating your Professional and Personal Brands to Maximize Profits workshop presented by Erin Crotty of BloomStra Consulting and Loreto Cheyne of Lola Design. Erin and Loreto delivered a comprehensive and creative ‘package’ on how to create and maintain a professional and personal brand. Some of the points Erin delivered were soooo important to those who need to be aware of ‘What I stand for’ and ‘uniqueness and differentiation’. Her ‘First Impressions Count’ presentation was right on the money, and the ‘Personal Branding’ exercise was engaging, revealing, reflective and motivating. Loreto Cheyne was terrific with her presentation on the graphics side of a business. She reinforced the need to GO PRO.  Both Erin and Loreto gave those in attendance a lot to think about and apply, to their own advantage. A most valued investment.

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