Melanie Dow, Quality Advisor, Office of Quality Initiatives, Carleton University

April 18, 2017  |     |   0 Comment

The Power of Coaching

Coaching with Erin has allowed me to learn about myself and find answers that I didn’t know I had.   I feel that coaching with her has enabled me to take a huge step forward in my self-confidence and in my career.  I am achieving a new level of performance using the tools I learned and received during my coaching sessions and I can now define the issue, own it and face it head on.  I am methodical in my approach rather than reactionary and now take the time to reflect on what I have learned and move towards my best self.  One direct result from my coaching with Erin, is I ask for help when I need it. I don’t need to have all of the answers; I bring my strengths and rely on my team for support and guidance.

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