Long Dinh, MBA Candidate, Sprott School of Business, Carleton University

June 04, 2015  |     |   0 Comment

It was my great pleasure to meet and learn from Erin at her dinner etiquette workshop at Carleton University. The workshop was super interesting, well-organized, and professional. I’m pretty sure that no one left the workshop without learning something new about business etiquette.

Thanks to Erin’s workshop, I am now able to communicate confidently at formal business dinners and know how to handle some unexpected awkward moments professionally during these networking events (for example when one of my business partners accidentally “stole” my bread). However, that is not the best part about Erin and what she is doing. I had another opportunity to meet Erin when she invited some business students including me to a private breakfast. During the breakfast, Erin charmingly answered all of our questions regarding effective networking practices and business etiquette as well as provided me a lot of invaluable interview tips from how to answer an unexpected phone call to a confident handshake. Those tips really helped me to successfully get three job offers this summer.

Erin is one of the most professional, enthusiastic and knowledgeable women I have ever met. She understands the difficulties that young professionals have to deal with and always offers help with all of her kindness. I highly recommend schools and companies provide Erin’s business etiquette workshops to their students and employees. If you are a young professional who is looking to advance your career, Erin and her professional services are your destination!

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