Leeann Beggs, Director of Career Services, Queen’s University, Faculty of Law

June 19, 2012  |     |   0 Comment

As the Director of Career Services at the Faculty of Law at Queen’s University, our mission is focused on providing law students with skills for lifelong professional advancement.  Erin has been an important resource for our students. She has presented to our students and provided invaluable advice regarding interview preparation and techniques, handling questions, professional image, making a great first impression, world-class handshakes, body language, appropriate follow-up after an interview, e-etiquette, cocktail party and dinner party interview etiquette, and the importance of thank you notes. Erin’s approach with students is fresh, modern and provides them with a level of comfort.  She has helped to instill in our students self-confidence that will allow them to make a positive impression in both personal and professional situations. We look forward to having Erin return this Fall to present again to our students.





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