Kelsie Schimpf, Founder & Owner, Virtual Legal Assistant

February 01, 2016  |     |   0 Comment

When Erin Crotty first introduced to me the concept of professionalism and etiquette through her program, I was shocked at what I believed was business casual.  As an assistant, I frequently wore a pair of dress pants and a nice top thinking that was sufficient.  In most of the legal industry, this is what assistants wear.  It wasn’t until I took her program that I learned this was significantly underdressed.  Now, as a business owner of a virtual legal assistant firm, I realize that my peers are not just assistants anymore but they are lawyers as well.  As a service provider to the industry, it was really important to me to learn the difference of what is actually appropriate and what’s not so that when I am going out into the world where I am marketing my business and services that I am professional and taken seriously.  Through Erin’s program, I became aware that what I put on every day carries through my entire life.  I stopped wearing sweat pants to the office when nobody was around and started paying attention to what I put on every morning.  This had a huge impact, not just on what happens when I do have clients pop in unexpectedly but on how I worked throughout the day.

Erin’s program allowed me to feel professional and like I belonged in the industry.  It helped to make me prepared for what I needed to do as a business owner.  The value was in her coaching and her lessons.  It allowed me to realize that having confidence in myself and the way I dressed impacted my business significantly.  It increased my bottom line.  I would be able to meet with people and go out there and start networking which is something that there is no way I ever would’ve done before.  I was able to figure out what looks good on me and the things that I liked and what felt comfortable on me.  It prepared me for these networking meetings.  It gave me confidence just by ensuring that what I was wearing matched the impression that I wanted others to get from me.  I have since received wonderful compliments on my professionalism, the way I look and how I come across.  That was really important to me to validate that I am a professional and that I can look the part and feel the part and play the part.

What I like about Erin’s program is that it is really designed to figure out who you are and what you want other people to see.  Then it shows you how to do that professionally in a way that honours the things that you like and the things that you don’t like, rather than trying to force you to be something you are not.  Erin was so kind and considerate.  She really has a passion for what she does and is knowledgeable.  Not only do I have the confidence in Erin as a person but I have seen time and time again her modeling what she believes in, making it look effortless and then showing you how effortless it can really be.  I always thought this would be this big complicated thing and it isn’t once you figure it out and she goes through it with you.  It was really nice to know that I would be able to walk away and do this on my own and determine what I need in my wardrobe based on what Erin taught me.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Erin to everybody whether you are working as a professional in an office or you are a general contractor. Self-awareness goes a long way because despite what we may think, or how much we may know someone or trust them, when you see them in their natural environment, if they don’t look the part, it makes you question their ability.  I found that Erin’s program really helped me grasp that concept and now I see it everywhere.

Since being in Erin’s program, I have had professional photos done.  It’s amazing how many more people reach out on social media.  It’s noticeable in the growing number of inquiries I am getting from various council from across Canada and in the US.  It’s all because of my professionalism, because of my image – the look and feel and the branding that Erin and I worked together on for my company.  It’s a huge success.

Erin Crotty is the person to talk to.  It doesn’t matter what profession you are in, it really does make a difference.

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