Jessica Windle, Regional Marketing Officer, Certified Management Accountants of Ontario

November 23, 2013  |     |   0 Comment

I was thrilled to attend “Brand Power: Creating Your Professional and Personal Brands to Maximize Profits” co-presented by Erin Crotty and Loreto Cheyne. Upon learning about the program from a colleague, it immediately captured my attention as our organization was in the process of a unification – learning how to create my professional and personal brand during a time of such change was essential. The program was so thoughtfully created and delivered, down to every detail. Not only was the experience very informative, it was particularly interactive and fun – the photo booth was an excellent touch! Erin and Loreto were very professional and knowledgeable, and I came away energized and eager to reflect on my brand image. I can say that I now walk in to a networking event with more confidence than ever before, and I take the time to consider how my personal brand can affect my professional brand. I look forward to participating in similar events in the future.

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