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How to Properly Introduce Yourself

July 25, 2017  |     |   0 Comment

Are you comfortable introducing yourself, or do you wait for the other person to make the first move?  Introducing yourself is how you make yourself known to others. Each time you introduce yourself, you are sharing who you are, being up front, and taking the initiative.  These are all pluses in any business or social situation.  It’s your duty to introduce yourself, whether you are attending a small or large gathering.  If you wait for someone else to make the first move, you just might be waiting for a very long time!

A proper introduction includes your first and last name, and something about yourself.  For example, if you are attending a networking event, you would introduce yourself to a new person in the following manner:  “Good Morning.  My name is Jane Smith. I’m a financial advisor at ABC Bank.”

There are many situations where it is appropriate to take the initiative and introduce yourself. These would include a situation where you recognize someone and they do not recognize you; when attending a function and you are in the presence of another person you have not yet met; when seated next to someone (on either side of you); when the person introducing you does not remember your name; or when you are meeting a friend of a friend.  Make the connection.  Take the initiative.  Make your presence known.

Introducing yourself to another person will not only enhance your personal and professional presence, it will help to put another person at ease, and in the process, ease any discomfort you may be feeling by meeting new people in new situations.  You will be surprised by how well you will be received and how easily it will be to spark conversation and open the door to the building positive connections with others.

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