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How to Master Your Handshake

August 04, 2015  |     |   0 Comment

etiquetteHandshakes are the ultimate greeting. A handshake is is the physical link between two people, and the physical greeting that goes with our words.  We notice people non-verbally by their touch, and the way we touch someone in both social and business situations – that is appropriate and customary – is with our handshake.

A handshake reveals a great deal about a person, such as their personality, feelings and motivations.  It also conveys one’s attitude toward others. Every time we extend our hand to shake another person’s, we are being evaluated or judged by our handshake – and vice versa.

We know a good handshake and bad handshake when we receive one. Have you evaluated your handshake?  Do you know what it is revealing or conveying to others about you? It is important that you do – so practice!  Shake hands with someone that you trust and ask them for their feedback.

In any business or social situation, you should feel perfectly at ease shaking hands with whomever you meet. In order to leave a positive first impression through your handshake, and to elevate your professional presence, it is important that your handshake is firm because a firm handshake speaks loudly about credibility, confidence and professionalism.

Here are 10 power points for handshaking to ensure you are able to master your’s:

  • your right hand should always be free so you are ready to initiate a handshake or receive a handshake
  • your should only hold one item in your left hand
  • to initiate a proper handshake, extend your right hand with the thumbs up and fingers out – in a vertical position
  • do not extend your hand with the thumbs down and fingers curled
  • meet another person’s hand web-to-web
  • grasp that person’s hand – your grasp should be firm but friendly
  • shake the person’s hand from the elbow, not the shoulder or wrist
  • shake your hands up and down a couple of times – two smooth pumps
  • always face the person with whom you are shaking hands square on in a shoulder-to-shoulder stance and make direct eye contact as you are shaking hands
  • protocol dictates that every meeting – whether social or business – begins and ends with a handshake.

When a person shakes hands easily and often, he or she creates a favourable impression which influences others to shake hands. Apply the 10 power point tips above and you will be sure to master your handshake each and every time!

To Your Success!

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