Heather Maclachlan, Private Client

February 10, 2016  |     |   0 Comment

When I approached Erin, I knew exactly where I needed help. As a fundraiser for L’Arche, I had so many important messages to convey. I had different audiences. Together our work would be about positioning my words to create opportunity for raising dollars by investing in the social change that is L’Arche. Now, add into the mix my very personal and emotional involvement which could erupt into tears leaving me tongue tied! I needed a strategy that would include an elevator pitch, a networking pitch, a 5-minute presentation and a longer donor conversation.

Erin was clearly invested in my success. She came to each meeting fully prepared having researched L’Arche. She poured over the information I brought to her. She quickly realized different messages. She listened to my ideas and together we crafted the words that would become my unique way to connect with others leaving behind a positive and lasting impression translating into much needed donations.

Erin inspired me to find clarity in my message and to use my emotion instead of supressing it. I looked forward to each meeting. Her professionalism and passion for what she does makes her a remarkable resource in what can be a complicated world.

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