Halloween Office Party Etiquette

October 19, 2017  |     |   0 Comment

Halloween is just around the corner! No doubt, many of you will be taking part in Halloween festivities at your office with your colleagues.  Here are some etiquette tips to ensure your office party Halloween celebration stays fun without any spooky consequences!

1. Participate.  So dressing up for Halloween at your office many not be your thing. However, would you rather stand out for having a costume that rocks, or stand out because you are the only one without a costume? Take part in the festivities by wearing a costume and demonstrating that you are a team player.

2.  Halloween Dress-Up for Success.  On that note, make sure you choose an office appropriate costume. Much like “dressing for success” by the clothes you choose to wear during your regular office days, your choice of costume can have an effect on your professional image and career aspirations. Do not draw negative attention to yourself by wearing a costume that could be deemed in poor taste. Nothing too provocative, tight, short or revealing, or too political. If in doubt, play it safe, and err on the side of being more conservative with your costume choice.

3. Stay Focused.  If your Halloween office party celebration is taking place during business hours, that does not mean that your regular work responsibilities fly out the window.  Have fun, but tend to your daily responsibilities as you would any other work day. Bring a change of clothes if you have a meeting with a client, whether at your office or outside of the office.

4. Consider Food Allergies. If you are contributing treats to the Halloween party, ask your colleagues if they have any food allergies.  While it may be impossible to accommodate each and every food allergy, you may see a pattern such as allergies to peanuts or gluten. Keeping your treats simple may be the best plan – like miniature bags of plain potato chips.

5. Lend a Helping Hand.  Show case your role as a team player by offering to help with any of the Halloween party details like set up, decorating, or clean up. Pitch in and lead by example – it is contagious!

Enjoy your upcoming office Halloween festivities with your colleagues! It is a time to have fun, socialize and come together as a team.

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