Fall Into Fabulous:  Take the Time to Have Fun!

October 07, 2014  |     |   0 Comment

Image 6Good-bye Summer. Hello “Fall Into Fabulous” – my theme as we head into our next season! There are endless ways to be our fabulous selves and meet our goals – whether personal or professional. 

Let’s face it – we’re at our best when we’re having fun.  Our fabulous selves shine through.  All work and no play can make life very dull.  There are opportunities to have fun in everything we do – we just have to be open for it.  And that includes in our work.  When we have fun together, we feel better connected to our colleagues and organization, trust builds, and productivity increases. Fun + connections + trust = productivity.

Here are some ideas about how to increase your fun – or create fun – at work:

1.  Host a corporate retreat. Invest in your people and they will give back.  Implement team-building exercises that bring laughter and enjoyment and really make people feel connected.

2.  Want to take the work out of ‘networking’ – have fun with conversation! Listen proactively to the people with whom you have conversations in order to learn as much as you can about them.  Find out about their interests, travels, favourite restaurants, etc.  Keep the stuffy “work conversation” out of the conversation – at least to start.  Build a rapport – discover the person’s value and they will want to learn yours.

3.  Plan a casual, business social event for your team or with your colleagues at least every quarter during the year.  Scheduling time to get away from the office and have some fun with your team or colleagues helps to build positive, productive and powerful business relationships. The result? Advancement in your career and increase in your bottom line.

4.  Show your appreciation for your employees, and take time out to have fun together by hosting an office party during celebratory times of year.  The holiday season is fast approaching – now is the time to set a date and start planning.  Consider adding a surprise element to the event – something that will make the attendees say “wow” and really enjoy themselves.  Hiring a Photo Booth company, for example, adds a lot of fun and that extra special touch to your office party.

5.  Demonstrate your appreciation to your clients.  How do you reach out to them to say “thank you” for their business.  How do you create a way for them to connect and have fun with you?  A Wine & Cheese Cocktail Reception is a lovely and thoughtful way to bring your clients together.  Why not bring in a Sommelier to present the wine and pair with appetizers that compliment it? Go the extra mile.

Let your fabulous self shine through by finding the fun in all you do – including your work!  Remember: fun + connections + trust = productivity.

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