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Dare Greatly: Ask and You Shall Receive

February 09, 2016  |     |   0 Comment

IMG_9709One of my goals this year is to “Dare Greatly” – based on the wisdom and teachings of Brene Brown.  In my recent Newsletter Corporate Decorum: Growing Forward in 2016, I decided to take a new approach and to really put myself out there.  Part of daring greatly is to allow yourself to be vulnerable, fearless and able to tone out judgment or negativity from others.  And so, I laid out my plans for what was important to me in 2016 in order to feel less ordinary and be extraordinary.  The honesty and personal approach to this newsletter was received very positively and has encouraged me to continue to take this approach in my work.

In addition to daring greatly, I also decided that it was time to listen with intent.  Meaning, that instead of doing what I thought my clients needed or wanted that it was time to simply ask.  I consider myself to be a pro-active listener. I believe it is important to focus more on others and less on yourself.  I believe it is important to be engaging and to ask other people questions to learn more about them, their interests, their personalities and leadership styles.  But I discovered that along the way, I was making many assumptions based on my interactions that might not necessarily have been correct.

So part of daring greatly and listening with intent was reaching out to my clients, networks, family and friends to specifically ask what was important to them in the areas of etiquette and image that I could help them with.  I have received an incredible response to this question and the topics and suggestions have been abundant and creative.  I have enough information and input that will guide and support the topics I write about, teach about, consult about, coach about and present.  I am excited and feel energized by this input and can’t wait to let my expertise shine through in my service to others, by doing what I love to do.

Ask and you shall receive.  By daring greatly and listening with intent to my clients, network, family and friends with intent, I have received an incredible gift.  Thank you, to each of you, from the bottom of my heart.  And to those of you reading this blog, if you have questions or topics in etiquette and image that you needs answers to, please join my Newsletter, Corporate Decorum, fill out the “Contact Us” section on my website, or email me at and I will be sure to answer your questions.

To Your Success,

Erin Crotty, LL.B.

Founder & Director, BloomStra Consulting

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