Corporate Retreats: A Win-Win Business Tool

February 21, 2012  |     |   0 Comment

I had the pleasure of organizing a retreat for a client, and the task to manage and facilitate it this past weekend.  In addition, I presented and conducted soft skills training for my client and his employees.  It was an incredible experience for me, and I learned so much throughout the process.  But moreso, I witnessed and felt the value my client’s employees obtained from the retreat.

A retreat provides an invaluable opportunity for each member of a team to pause, take a step back from their everyday duties of working “in the business” and gain enough perspective to reflect “on the business” in constructive ways.

A carefully planned and executed retreat motivates employees because it encourages their creative participation in setting goals, clarifying priorities, sharpening their focus and contributing to decisions – all which have an effect on short-term and the long-term successes for each employee as well as within their organization.

A retreat provides an opportunity for an employer to instill teamwork and team bonding. When members of a team feel appreciated, valued, important and acknowledged for the work they have done and their potential for even greater success within their organization, morale naturally boosts and voila – so does your bottom line!

As a participant in retreats as a former employee of law firms, and now as a retreat organizer and presenter, I can personally attest to the power of retreats. A retreat is a no-brainer.  It is a win-win tool in business for both employers and employees.

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