Etiquette and Protocol Training for College and University Students

October 07, 2011  |   Academia   |     |   0 Comment

Etiquette and Protocol Training for College and University Students Transitioning from student life to the work world can be a nerve-wracking experience for any student who is not properly prepared.  Whether students are preparing for articling interviews, job interviews, internships, cooperative placements, Career Fairs, business meals or cocktail parties, having good manners builds leadership, refines social skills, improves their image and increases their self-confidence. All of these elements are fundamental to their success. Employers are looking for the perfect employee for the job - and that means more than technical know-how. Students who are able to present themselves at job interviews or employer events as confident and sociable WILL put them ahead of the competition. Colleges and Universities are recognizing the need for their students to master their social skills and good manners in order to create and maintain a good first impression as they prepare to transition from student life to the work world. The following seminars provide leadership skills that students can implement immediately to help them project the confidence and authority they will need to distinguish themselves from the crowd and outclass their competition. The Job Interview Process:  Stand Out From Your Competition Telephone Etiquette When You Receive an ...

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