Cara Strong, Sales Manager, Centurion Conference & Event Center

April 08, 2014  |     |   0 Comment

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop that Erin Crotty of BloomStra Consulting and Loreto Cheyne of Lola Design presented called, Brand Power: Creating Your Professional and Personal Brands to Maximize Profits. The dynamic between Loreto and Erin worked harmoniously for this half-day event. There were two points that really stood for me.  Loreto presented on the power of your professional brand and stated that, “Your brand is for other people…not for you.”  Erin presented on the power of your personal brand and stated that, “Your business is always open and therefore your personal brand is always ‘on’; even if you are not going to work make sure you look presentable because you never know who you are going to connect with.”  Erin and Loreto’s Brand Power workshop is great for those who are new in their industries, making a career change or just need to freshen up or enhance their business or personal brand.

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