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January 16, 2014  |     |   0 Comment

160x160 logoThis is the time of year when business owners are full of energy, enthusiasm, and good intentions. But before you race off to fill up your marketing calendar, it might be a good idea to step back and think about your BRAND…and how your brand fits into the grand scheme of your business.

It only takes five seconds to make a first impression. Are you aware of the message you are communicating through your brand – and the impression you may be creating?

What is your “brand”?  A “brand” is many things, and to put it simply, it is what you “become known for.” It’s  usually the one thing that you want the public to think of when they think of you.

It’s fairly safe to say that your “brand” is everything about your business – from your logo, to your voicemail message, to the way you introduce yourself while networking, and everything in between. When it comes to the success of your business, you must consider your personal brand as well as your professional brand.

Your professional brand is the public face of your business:  It includes your overall brand image, your marketing collateral, and all the items that help you market your business to the buying public. It is no longer enough to just have a great professional brand to succeed; in this day of social media and increased interaction, every contact with your target audience matters. That’s why you must also be aware about your personal brand.

Your personal brand exists in the minds of your customers and clients, and it’s how people experience you in real life. It’s all of those small, yet important touches that create a better interaction between you – the person – and your intended audience.

When your personal and professional brands are in sync,  you are the “whole package,” and you give yourself an edge over the competition.

That’s why Loreto Cheyne, Brand Image Designer / Owner of Lola Design, and I are teaming up once again on February 11, 2014 to present a workshop entitled,  Brand Power: Creating your Professional and Personal Brands to Maximize Profits.

Join us for this half-day, interactive workshop that will provide you with practical brand knowledge, tools and tips to help you:

  • build, refine and focus the building blocks of your professional brand
  • create a credible and competitive professional brand package
  • reach your target market and understand the role of your competition
  • develop an authentic personal brand with confidence and credibility
  • align your personal brand with your professional brand
  • create a personal brand positioning statement
  • master your personal brand, the image you want to portray, and control how it is perceived by others
  • enhance your professional presence

Who Should Attend:  This workshop is for business professionals and owners who want to project a positive image and distinctive brand to connect with their target market and maximize profits.

If you have been looking for the practical knowledge to increase your brand power, then join us on February 11, 2014. Please click below to register:

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