Alison Dantas, CEO, Canadian Chiropractic Association

March 27, 2018  |     |   0 Comment

Erin did an amazing job of making our full day staff retreat a success.  The approach taken with her Professional Presence Workshop which included practical exercises and interactive presentations on how to be a leader in every interaction was well received by staff and many have put the skills learned into action which is a testament to her skills and style of presentation.  She is a consummate professional and prepares for the sessions with curiosity and clarity integrating a coaching style which is always well received..

Erin was also celebrated by our Board of Directors for her half day workshop on Networking:  How to Become a Master Relationship Builder workshop.  This session led to many board members feeling more confident embracing networking opportunities and being stronger stewards for our association.  The information, skills and practical exercises are still  spoken about and have become practice for our board in many different situations.  Overall I would highly recommend Erin for any of these sessions, she is able to connect with the audience and customizes each workshop based on the needs of the organization.  We have benefited a great deal from having her train staff and our board.

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