about our company

With the evolution of globalization, etiquette and protocol have become highly sophisticated and strategic assets in today’s local and international business arenas.  They dictate how we behave socially, conduct business, and interact in specific situations.  It is more important than ever to be equipped with the right credentials that will give you the competitive advantage for career success.

BloomStra Consulting is a business etiquette, international protocol, and image management consulting firm based in Ottawa, Ontario. Through the provision of leadership seminars, workshops and coaching, we help individuals, businesses, organizations, and academic institutions harness the power of etiquette, protocol and image management to build successful relationships in business and reach their professional goals.  Clients learn how to increase their confidence and credibility, distinguish themselves in any business or social situation and, ultimately, ‘Outclass the Competition’.

We offer individual and group coaching, 60 to 90 minute interactive workshops, half-day to full-day workshops and seminars, as well as customized presentations or programming based on client needs.