Smells Like Entrepreneurial Spirit

April 22, 2012  |     |   0 Comment

A few days ago as I was driving onto my street, I noticed that my neighbour’s young daughter and two of her friends had a little table set up full of cookies and a sign with the words “Bake Sale” scribbled across it. I parked my car, and went into my house to gather some loonies and toonies to support these young entrepreneurs and their venture.  The little girls were selling three sizes of cookies: small ones for 10 cents, medium ones for 15 cents, and large ones for 25 cents.  I purchased two large cookies, and gave them six dollars.  I figured that was two dollars for each of them.  Their eyes were the size of saucers when I paid for my cookies.  I think I was the first customer of the day.  As the day progressed, more neighbours and passer-byes stopped to support their bake sale.

A couple of days later I ran into the father of the little girl who had organized the bake sale and remarked at how impressed I was with his daughter’s entrepreneurial spirit.  He told me that the reason his daughter and her friends had held it was to raise money to buy a gift for another young friend who had had cancer and was in remission. Wow!  So not only were these young girls entrepreneurs in the making, but they were philanthropic and fundraisers to-boot!  They made $27.00 that day and were able to buy their friend a nice gift.

I remember the days as a young girl when I held lemonade sales, or picked flowers from my mother’s garden and put together bouquets to sell; I was always looking for creative ways to make money. Between ages twelve to fourteen, I became an expert babysitter; and in high-school (having been trained in classical ballet and jazz, and a member of two professional dance companies) I opened my own dance studio.  I remember the time and effort that I put into my enterprises, as well as the excitement of attracting customers who wanted to pay for my products or services.  I remember the gratitude I felt toward the adults who supported me. It built my confidence and fueled my creativity. The mindset of an entrepreneur does not necessarily start later in life; for most, it is a natural part of their being and it simply needs to be nurtured and supported from a young age in order to blossom as they become adults.

So next time you come across a child’s stand of goodies, will you pass it by or take the time to purchase from them and support the spirit of the young entrepreneur in the making?


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