Wedding Guest Etiquette

Wedding Guest Etiquette Wedding season is here! If you are invited to a wedding, your main role as a wedding guest is to attend the celebration with an attitude of consideration and respect for your hosts and their very special day.  Here are 5 tips to help you demonstrate this: 1. RSVP  Immediately RSVP is French for “please respond” (répondez s’il vous plaît). Your most important obligation as a guest at a wedding is to respond to the invitation immediately, especially if you are unable to attend. At the very least, it allows your hosts enough time to give an accurate count to the caterer. There is usually a card to return with your reply. 2. Respect your Invitation The invitation will be addressed to the people invited. If you may bring a guest, your invitation will read “Your Name and Guest.” If it does not, it is not your place to ask your hosts if you can bring a date or your children. If your children are invited, they will either receive their own personal invitations or their names will be listed under yours on the envelope. Do not add their names to a reply card ...

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Dressing Room Etiquette: 5 Tips to Consider When Trying on Clothes

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Dressing Room Etiquette: 5 Tips to Consider When Trying on Clothes Have you ever considered that your behaviour when shopping and trying on clothing in a dressing room can have a positive or negative impact on others, such as a Sales Associate or another customer? Here are 5 do’s and don’ts to consider the next time you go shopping and are trying on clothing to ensure your dressing room etiquette is up to par.   1. Treat the Dressing Room with Respect.  Treat a store’s dressing room as you would you own personal space, such as your bedroom.  Keep it clean. Don’t leave behind any garbage, eat in the room, or leave hangers or clothing on the floor.  Consider that any mess you make, a Sales Associate will have to clean up after you. 2. Be Kind to the Clothes.  When trying on clothing, treat them as if you already own them.  Be careful when trying on a garment not to stretch it, tear any seams, break any zippers, or get any makeup on it.  If you decide not to purchase what you have tried on, place the item back on the hangar, right-side out. Return it to the Sales Associate the way ...

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