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2018 National Etiquette Week

June 04, 2018  |     |   0 Comment

“Good manners reflect something from inside–an innate sense of consideration for others and respect for self.”  –  Emily Post

It’s National Etiquette Week (NEW).  As a graduate and alumni of the Protocol School of Washington, I value the opportunity to promote this week and encourage a daily observation to the importance of etiquette! NEW was established in 1997 by Sandra Morisset, a Protocol School of Washington children’s etiquette consultant.  It recognizes etiquette and protocol in all areas of one’s life including business, social, dining, travel, technology, wedding and international protocol. The purpose of the week is to raise awareness of all people to act with courtesy, civility, kindness, respect and good manners in their everyday lives as well as the need for proper business etiquette to compete in the growing global marketplace.

It’s the little things that count.  Our actions have a huge impact upon others. Why not choose to act in a way that makes another human being feel special, valued and respected? Acting with kindness, consideration and good manners helps to nurture friendships, foster meaningful connections with colleagues and clients, and create a much happier and healthier environment for us all.

Consider making an extra effort to demonstrate these skills today and everyday and watch how your actions will positively impact another person, such as:

  • saying “please”, “thank you” and “you’re welcome” every opportunity you have
  • putting away your iPhone and focusing on the person in front of you
  • sending a handwritten “thank you” note to express your gratitude for someone’s kindness and consideration toward you
  • responding to a RSVP by the date requested
  • bringing a host or hostess gift when you have been invited to a dinner party
  • connecting with your colleagues throughout the day by asking in a sincere manner, “how are you?” or simply saying “hello”
  • practicing the golden rule: do onto others as you would have them do onto you
  • practicing what your parents taught you as a child: if you can’t say anything nice – don’t say anything at all!
  • taking a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and being truly present with the ones you love
  • smiling – it makes you appear friendly, approachable…and it’s contagious!

Imagine if we all started each day with the intention to treat others with respect, civility, positivity, kindness, consideration, connection, engagement and care in all that we do – at home, at school, at our workplace, within our associations and our community. One single act of kindness to demonstrate your humanity and respect for others will be contagious and change the world!

After 14 years working as a lawyer and law firm manager, Erin Crotty was ready for a change. Trained through the Protocol School of Washington, he Conselle Institute of Image Management, and Pro-Active Business Leadership, Erin is now a certified business etiquette, protocol and image management expert who has turned her passion into a thriving business – BloomStra Consulting, based in Ottawa, ON.

Erin helps her clients harness the power of etiquette and image management to build successful relationships in business and reach their professional goals. Her clients learn how to increase their confidence and credibility, distinguish themselves in any business or social situation and, ultimately, ‘Outclass the Competition’.

Are you ready to bloom?  Learn more at or contact Erin at or 613–614-4540.

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