Happy Holidays: Enjoying Family Christmas Traditions

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Happy Holidays: Enjoying Family Christmas Traditions Every Christmas, my parents, sister, husband and I spend the holidays together.  Some years, we may be fortunate to have other relatives join us, but it’s pretty much a given that this core family group will gather together for the holidays. One of our traditions, as with many families, has been the stuffing of stockings and the giving of gifts to one another on Christmas day. Last year, we decided to scale back with respect to exchanging Christmas gifts and would start a new Christmas tradition - no gift exchange! It went so well, that we are doing it again this year.  We have created a new family tradition. We had been trying to scale-back for years, but it had never worked.  The truth is, we loved the fun of finding that special gift for each person and the joy of watching them open it on Christmas morning. When we reflected, though, on what truly mattered to us during the Christmas holidays, was being together and our love for one another. We all agreed that what brought us the most enjoyment over the holidays was our time together cooking meals, sharing recipes, ...

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Mingle All the Way: 10 Etiquette Considerations for Your Office Holiday Party

Mingle All the Way: 10 Etiquette Considerations for Your Office Holiday Party The holiday season creates many opportunities for us to mingle and celebrate with our colleagues.  Most businesses will host an annual holiday party to mark the season and demonstrate their gratitude to their employees for a year of hard work.  It is important to remember however, that the annual office holiday party, though wrapped in a social context, is still a business function. How you behave will be observed and remembered by someone whose opinion can potentially impact your career.  It is important to let your professional presence shine at these events to ensure an enjoyable and successful evening for all. Here are 10 etiquette tips to consider as you mingle and celebrate the holiday season with your colleagues: 1. Not Going is Not an Option The office party is part of your job. It is a time for co-workers and colleagues to gather together outside of the day-to-day workplace for some fun and well-deserved recognition. If attending your office party feels like a chore then it’s time for a mind-set change. Put on a smile and see the event as a networking opportunity. 2. Recognize the Opportunity to Advance Your Career The office ...

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