Fun and Connections at Work!

September 11, 2017  |   Blogs,Business Etiquette   |     |   0 Comment

Fun and Connections at Work! We are at our best when we're having fun.  Having fun enables us to relieve stress and focus on the things that keep our energy and mindset elevated.  There are opportunities to have fun in everything we do - we just have to be open for it.  And that includes in our work.  When we have fun together, we feel better connected to our colleagues and organization, trust builds, and productivity increases. Fun + connections + trust = productivity. Whether you own your own business, are an employee, or in a leadership position of any kind within your workplace - do you take he time to create fun and playtime?  All work and no play can be very dull and ultimately dampen one's spirit.  Here are some ideas about how to increase your fun - or find some fun - at work: 1. Host a corporate retreat. Invest in your people and they will give back.  Implement team-building exercises that bring laughter and enjoyment and really make people feel connected. 2.  Want to take the work out of ‘networking’ - have fun with conversation! Listen proactively to the people with whom you ...

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