Etiquette Considerations for Christmas Gift Giving at the Office

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Etiquette Considerations for Christmas Gift Giving at the Office Wondering whether it is appropriate to give your boss a Christmas gift?  Whether you have to give a Christmas gift to all of your colleagues or if you can be selective?  Are you concerned about what is or is not an appropriate gift to give a colleague? Or how much money should be spent on a gift?  You are not alone! Navigating this territory can be tricky.  Here are some tips to consider to help you with your Christmas gift-giving decisions at the office to ensure you do so with grace, consideration and professionalism: 1.  Have a Christmas Gift Budget  The holiday spirit can definitely bring out the best in us!  You know the expressions, “It is better to give than receive”?  Well, that sums up how I feel at Christmas. I put a lot of thought into the gifts I purchase for my colleagues, friends, family, etc. and simply thrive on the feeling I get from giving it to them.  That to me is my gift.  While the holiday spirit can ignite our generous side, there is no need or expectation to break the bank during this time of the year. Set a budget ...

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Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday Imagine a day dedicated to giving back - not just within our community but around the world? Today is that day!  Today is Giving Tuesday and marks the opening day of the giving season.  A day where charities, companies, families and individuals will join together to rally for causes, give back and think about others. Giving back and supporting others, including charities and non-profit organizations, can take many forms - not just financial.  Volunteering your time, becoming a mentor, fundraising or providing general support for a cause that you believe in are all valuable ways to give back.  Volunteering is one of the most popular ways to get involved without having to open your wallet - and it enables you to share your talents, skills and passions in the pursuit of helping and supporting others. Today, the world comes together to celebrate generosity and share an attitude of gratitude. How will you show your commitment today to making our community, country and world a better place?  Whether you decide to make a pledge to a charity close to your heart, volunteer at ...

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