Fall Into Fabulous: Etiquette as a Way of Life

Fall Into Fabulous:  Etiquette as a Way of Life Good-bye Summer. Hello "Fall Into Fabulous" - my theme as we head into our next season! There are endless ways to be our fabulous selves and meet our goals - whether personal or professional. When all elements of our image - our appearance, grooming, body language and etiquette - work harmoniously, they help in the achievement of our goals. This blog post is dedicated to the topic of "etiquette" and the incredible impact it has in our lives. When we hear the word "etiquette", stuffy and rigid rules of how to behave may come to mind. But etiquette is not about "rules" - it is about building positive, productive and powerful relationships - in life and in business - and building our confidence and credibility. In business, when we build such relationships, prosperity also follows! But the relationships that we form go beyond ourselves and others. Etiquette is a way of life. It has to do with how we think, feel, speak, act, and impact others. It is about our relationship to ourselves, to others, and to all "things" in our lives. It takes into account our connection - or sometimes, disconnection - to ...

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Wine Appreciation and Etiquette

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Wine Appreciation and Etiquette My blog focus for the month of August is all about etiquette surrounding what I love most - food, wine and dining! It’s not a secret that I have a passion for food, wine and travel.  I’ve just returned from my summer vacation in Italy where I lived my passion every day!  I had the opportunity to visit wineries and take part in wine tastings in many different regions of Italy. Through these experiences, I was able to gain additional insight and appreciation for the art and enjoyment of wine, as well as the etiquette surrounding it. Wine is a beverage that is enjoyed by many at both social and business events.  Whether you are hosting a dinner party, or attending a business meal where wine will be served, it’s good to know a little something about wine and the etiquette surrounding it to enhance yours or your guests’ experience. 1. Let your wine breathe. Allowing your wine to breathe oxidizes the wine which brings out the potential of the flavor. There are several ways that you can do this. You can decant the wine or let it ...

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