Bachelorette Party Etiquette

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Bachelorette Party Etiquette Wedding season is alive and kicking.  A good friend of mine is getting married this August.  I recently received an invitation to her “bachelorette party.” I’m using quotation marks because this is not the traditional type of bachelorette party.  We are a group of about 8 women, gathering together in celebration of the bride-to-be and all that is holy about food and wine.  The hostess (the bestie of the bride) has arranged to have a limo pick us up and take us for a VIP wine tasting at a Niagara winery, followed by a multi-course meal at it’s restaurant. No boas, no sashes, no group t-shirts or bar hopping. But yes, alcohol will be involved - of the grape variety. So, it got me to thinking about the rules of etiquette when it comes to being a guest at such an event - because it doesn’t matter whether the plan is to go to Vegas for the weekend, grab a round of golf, head to the spa, or go out for a nice meal together -  as a guest, the rules are all the same.  Here are the top five rules of ...

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12 Email Etiquette Tips for Professional Success

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12 Email Etiquette Tips for Professional Success Everything you do, communicates, and speaks volumes about you, your skill set and level of professionalism, as well as your organization's overall image and brand. How we communicate, effects our relationships. The key to business success are our relationships. So how you connect with your clients, potential clients, co-workers, supervisors, etc., is extremely important because it impacts a business' bottom line. There are many ways we communicate within the business arena. Electronic communication, for example, has a significant impact on how successful our relationships will be. Here are 12 email etiquette tips to apply if you want to exude a strong professional presence and build positive, productive, and prosperous relationships based on solid communication: 1. Business emails should be returned within 24 hours. 2. Email is not private.  Once it's out there - it's out there. 3. Apply the 'Bulletin Board Rule':  if you can't put it on a bulletin board for anyone to see, then don't put it in print. 4. If a situation is difficult, don't use email to deal with it.  Always speak directly to the person or ...

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