What to Wear When You Work from Home

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What to Wear When You Work from Home According to a 2011 Statistics Canada survey, more that 1 million Canadians work from home.  In 2011, I joined this statistic as I established BloomStra Consulting and created my home office.  It was a big change for me.  For over 20 years, I commuted and worked within a corporate and legal office environment where I dressed in a suit and wore pantyhose most days. When I started to work from home, many colleagues and friends asked if I would start dressing more casually.  In fact, I was asked a few times if I was looking forward to working in my pajamas all day! While my day-to-day office environment has changed, my attitude toward getting ready for my business day has not. Having a home office does not make me feel, in any way, that I have less responsibility to present myself in a credible, respectful and professional manner.  The truth of the matter is that my day often includes face-to-face meetings with clients, business development events, or delivering presentations and workshops within the business arena.  And yes, there are some days when I do not have scheduled meetings, but I still  ...

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World Class Handshakes

World Class Handshakes In the North American business arena, strong emphasis is placed on a firm handshake because it speaks loudly about credibility, confidence and professionalism. The handshake conveys crucial messages about status and power in a form of communication that needs no explanation and one that is never misunderstood. It doesn’t matter who offers a hand first. However, the person who extends a hand first actually has an advantage. He or she is establishing control, taking the initiative, and being direct - all pluses in a business situation. What makes a great handshake?  Always extend your right hand with the thumb up and fingers straight out in a vertical position.  Meet the other person’s hand web-to-web. Shake from the elbow, not the wrist or shoulder. Shake hands by giving two smooth pumps, and be sure to stand in a shoulder-to-shoulder stance. This means you are facing the person with whom you are shaking hands square-on, and making direct eye contact. Throughout the world a handshake is appropriate in a business relationship. Enhance your international perspective by following these hints and tips: Western and Eastern Europeans re-shake hands whenever they are apart for a period of time. ...

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