What to Wear to a New Year’s Eve Event

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What to Wear to a New Year’s Eve Event Heading to a New Year’s Eve event and not sure what to wear?  Is there a dress code noted for the event, but you’re not quite sure what it means? When in doubt about what to wear, you can always ask the host or hostess what they expect their guests to wear.  If the event is taking place in the ballroom of a hotel for example, go online to see if there are pictures of previous New Year’s eve events that it has held and you will get a good sense of what people will be wearing. The most important thing to remember is to choose an outfit that enhances your professional image. What you choose to wear will also depend on your confidence level, your body type, and the colours that compliment your skin. It's usually best to choose an outfit that is more distinguished than showy -  and for women, not too short or too revealing. If the invitation you have received or the event you are attending has specifically noted a dress code, here is a guide from fashion journalist, Cynthia Nellis, to help ...

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Christmas Gift-Giving Etiquette at the Office

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Christmas Gift-Giving Etiquette at the Office   Wondering whether it is appropriate to give your boss a Christmas gift?  Whether you have to give a Christmas gift to all of your colleagues or if you can be selective?  Are you concerned about what is or is not an appropriate gift to give a colleague? Or how much money should be spent on a gift?  You are not alone! Navigating this territory can be tricky.  Here are some tips to consider to help you with your Christmas gift-giving decisions at the office to ensure you do so with grace, consideration and professionalism: 1.  Have a Christmas Gift Budget  The holiday spirit can definitely bring out the best in us!  You know the expressions, “It is better to give than receive”?  Well, that sums up how I feel at Christmas. I put a lot of thought into the gifts I purchase for my colleagues, friends, family, etc. and simply thrive on the feeling I get from giving it to them.  That to me is my gift.  While the holiday spirit can ignite our generous side, there is no need or expectation to break the bank during this time of the year. Set a ...

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