Business Etiquette: Workplace Civility and the Delivery of Superior Customer Service

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Business Etiquette:  Workplace Civility and the Delivery of Superior Customer Service Civility is cultivated by using basic manners and treating others with consideration, respect and honesty. Civility in the workplace extends positively to how customers are treated.  In turn, it effects the customers’ perception of your business.  Those who work in an atmosphere where good manners are the norm will, for the most part, respond to their customers and others, in kind.  Customers who feel they have been treated with respect will be more willing to continue to do business with you, pay for your services or products, and refer others to you. Every connection an employee has with a customer - or potential customer - is vital to the profits of any business.  Customer service etiquette principles should be integrated into every facet of your organization because providing superior customer service is the most effective way to cultivate long-term relationships with clients; build customer loyalty; and differentiate your business from the competition. Civility is the foundation from which communication flows and relationships are established.  Relationships are at the core of business success.  How we communicate with one another impacts our relationships.  There are many ways we communicate with our customers.  Face-to-face interactions have ...

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13 Email Etiquette Tips in Business

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13 Email Etiquette Tips in Business In business, everything about you communicates - from your appearance, to your behaviour, to your verbal and non-verbal skills. When you communicate with a client or prospect by email, you are leaving an impression about you and your organization. It is therefore important to implement proper email etiquette to ensure you and your organization always convey a professional image and gain a competitive edge.  Follow these 13 email etiquette tips to ensure you build positive and successful business relationships rather than being looked over: 1.  Remember:  email is not private.  Once it’s out there - it’s out there. Always use your discretion. 2.  Use the Bulletin Board Rule:  if you can’t put it on a bulletin board for anyone to see, then don’t put it in print. 3.  If a situation is difficult, don’t use email or other online methods to deal with it.  Always speak directly to the person or call the person by phone. 4.  Emails should be friendly, but not familiar - keep it professional.  Always defer to the formal, especially in how your address your email. 5.  Make sure you address your email to the correct person - fill in the “to” ...

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