From Argentina to Zimbabwe: International Etiquette and Protocol Tips to Master the First Business Meeting

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From Argentina to Zimbabwe: International Etiquette and Protocol Tips  to Master the First Business Meeting Did you know that people form 90% of their opinion of you in the first few seconds of meeting you?  It is important to be aware of this fact as you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  Style and form play a major role in successfully conducting business worldwide.  Introductions and greetings are an important element of the style and form so important in your interactions, no matter where your business takes you. This blog is a three-part series that will take you on a global journey.  This journey will help prepare anyone doing business abroad master introductions and greetings at their first meeting. Today’s blog will start in Canada and then take us to Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Egypt and finally, France. Canada: In order to master a business meeting abroad, it is important that we first understand the business customs, etiquette and protocol within our own country. Canadians usually shake hands upon meeting and departing. Handshakes should be firm and accompanied with strong eye contact. In Quebec, kissing on the cheeks is also a common form of greeting. Older French Canadian men may kiss a woman's hand in greeting; foreigners should ...

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Smells Like Entrepreneurial Spirit

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Smells Like Entrepreneurial Spirit A few days ago as I was driving onto my street, I noticed that my neighbour’s young daughter and two of her friends had a little table set up full of cookies and a sign with the words “Bake Sale” scribbled across it. I parked my car, and went into my house to gather some loonies and toonies to support these young entrepreneurs and their venture.  The little girls were selling three sizes of cookies: small ones for 10 cents, medium ones for 15 cents, and large ones for 25 cents.  I purchased two large cookies, and gave them six dollars.  I figured that was two dollars for each of them.  Their eyes were the size of saucers when I paid for my cookies.  I think I was the first customer of the day.  As the day progressed, more neighbours and passer-byes stopped to support their bake sale. A couple of days later I ran into the father of the little girl who had organized the bake sale and remarked at how impressed I was with his daughter’s entrepreneurial spirit.  He told me that the reason his daughter and her friends had ...

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Are You Always Fully “Present”?

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Are You Always Fully “Present”? Imagine this:  you are giving a presentation and have invited a number of business leaders in the Community to attend.  You have suggested that everyone arrive about half-an-hour before your presentation to allow time for networking.  Everyone you have invited, except for one guest, arrives prior to your presentation and takes some time to meet the other attendees.  It is time to begin and you invite everyone to take their seats.  Just as you do so, the last guest arrives.  You politely greet and introduce yourself to her and invite her to help herself to some tea or coffee; you then proceed with your presentation.   The room is quiet, but for the tinkering noise in the background of a spoon hitting the sides of a porcelain cup as your late guest makes herself a cup of coffee.  As you continue with your presentation, the late guest takes her seat toward the front of the room.  As you speak, you make eye contact with each person in your audience; you notice that you have everyone’s attention, but for the late guest.  She  has her Blackberry in hand, is and feverishly working ...

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