Cellphone Etiquette: Keep Your Surroundings in Mind

January 26, 2012  |   Advice for Students,Blogs,Business Etiquette   |     |   0 Comment

I was recently shopping at our local grocery store to pick up a few items for dinner.  The grocery store is small, quaint and always stocked with the best of the best.  I should  mention that I decided to do this shopping mid-afternoon on a Saturday.  I even managed to convince my husband to join me. As expected, the store was jammed with people, carts all over the place, aisles and spaces filled.  Not necessarily a “calming” experience.  But the hustle and bustle of a busy store was not the issue that perplexed me.  It was the woman who was shopping nearby while having a long and very loud conversation on her cellphone. This made me perplexed.  Not only was this extremely annoying, but also rude. The etiquette for cellphone use follows all of the same principals of good manners, which is to always be considerate of others and to keep your surroundings in mind. Talking on your cellphone in public may, and did in my situation, annoy those around you.  You are having a private conversation - so take it in a private space, not a public space. Be polite and ...

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Attitude: the Key to Success

January 18, 2012  |   Advice for Students,Business Etiquette   |     |   0 Comment

Attitude: the Key to Success Happy 2012! This is the time during the year when, typically, we become introspective - we look at our past year, evaluate our weaknesses and strengths, and plan our goals to build on both in the year ahead. This is an important exercise to do, otherwise we run the risk of becoming complacent, stagnant, simply “existing”. Life is too short to just “be”. I believe that behind a person’s success exists a positive attitude that provided the strength and gusto required to get her or him to that end. Attitude is the key to one’s success. As you endeavor to plan your goals for the year ahead, here are some of my personal “attitude check-in” mantras that assist me in never losing hope, giving up, or believing that I can’t accomplish anything I put my mind to. They aren’t anything you have not heard before, but are still nonetheless powerful and motivating: 1. Wake up with an attitude of gratitude. 2. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. 3. Don’t live with regret; look for the positive lesson to learn in each ...

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